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   The patented Steamatic carpet cleaning system utilizes a controlled heat process that removes dust, dirt, and stains deep down to the fiber base. In independent tests, Steamatic reduced the level of bacteria, yeast, and mold microorganisms in carpeting by an average of 92.5%.

    This proven soil-extraction method is safe for use on stain-resistant carpeting because Steamatic does not use harsh chemicals, shampoos or detergents. The general process can prolong the life of your carpet and reduce cleaning frequency.

    Your Steamatic technician can also apply optional carpet protector products.

  Patented Process
  Steamatic's emulsified hot water is preheated to a controlled temperature setting, cutting through dirt and grease, and suspends it for extraction. The super heated water creates a scrubbing action at the molecular level to free dirt particles.
  Steamatic's powerful vacuum extracts water and suspended dirt from carpet.
  Your carpet is now clean from bottom to top of pile. Soil and chemicals are removed.
  You Can See The Difference!
You can see the dirt and residue as STEAMATIC's collection tank is drained. You'll be amazed to see how much dirt STEAMATIC will extract from your carpets. STEAMATIC can even remove the soapy residue that chemicals and shampoos leave in rugs and carpets.
  Proven Advantages
  Steamatic gives you these proven advantages:
  • RESISTS RESOILING - because no detergents are used in the Steamatic cleaning process to be left in the carpet to attract dirt.
  • EXTRACTS - deep down, embedded dirt. Soil is extracted deep to the fiber base—not scrubbed deeper.
  • SANITIZES, - removing 96% of allergy-laden particles and bacteria in your carpet.
  • MOST SPOTS & STAINS - will be removed with the Steamatic patented cleaning process.
  • NO PILE DISTORTION - because harmful scrubbing action is eliminated. Controlled heat, emulsified water, and powerful vacuum loosen and remove dirt without mechanical agitation.
  • PATENTED PROCESS - is protected by the United States Government Patent Office. Others may sound similar, but there is only one Steamatic cleaning process.
  • FAST DRYING - Most carpet is dry in five to seven hours.
  • ECONOMICAL - because Steamatic extends the life of your carpet and reduces cleaning frequency.
  Safe for all type of carpet
  Steamatics Patented cleaning process is safe and effective for all types of carpet fiber and construction, including stain resistant carpets. For example:
  • Level Loop
  • Plush
  • Sculptured
  • Oriental
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